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What a year it was for the city of Ottawa in 2016!   The list of developments and accomplishments is nothing less than extremely impressive!

Let’s do a recap of what took place in our great city over this past year.

We have to start with Lebreton Flats; it is afterall, the biggest development this city will have ever seen.  After many decades of deliberation, something is finally being planned for this land.  And while there was some controversy over which proposal (DevCore Proposal and the competing Rendezvous Lebreton) was the better of the 2, at least we have something planned and moving forward.   And hey, Ottawa looks like it will finally be getting an NHL stadium downtown.  Better late than never 🙂

And of course, the Zibi development of the Domtar lands/islands downtown.  Another multi-billion dollar develoment is moving forward in our downtown area next to Lebreton Flats.   These developments will change the landscape of Ottawa’s core forever.

We also have a new library that has been approved.  This new central library will be a very attractive and welcome addition to our downtown.

In other development news, the plan for CFB Rockcliffe residential community has the greenlight.  The Ottawa Art Gallery is expected to open next fall, which promises to be a very cool attraction.  And how could we overlook the expansion of the Rideau Centre; that was a HUGE addition to our downtown shopping area.

And I have to mention, the long list of amazing new restaurants and businesses that have opened up in the past year.  This city is really coming to life with exceptional food and event experiences.

Ottawa has really come a long way, and is really, truly a vibrant city with tons of cool people and things to do.  And it’s only expanding with much more in the way of exciting developments.  Come take a look!

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